Our History

Keep It Simple Coaching was founded in 2016 by Professional Triathletes Scott DeFilippis, Brad Williams, along with coach Sam Cardona, a well-accomplished age group triathlete.  The mission of Keep It Simple Coaching is to guide athletes, from beginner to professional, to achieve their personal goals in triathlon while living a balanced life.  This is achieved through our simple approach of building training plans around YOUR life and schedule. At KIS coaching, we stress to our athletes that love of the sport and having fun must come first! We guide our athletes with an understanding that the sport of triathlon can be a very healthy lifestyle, but should never consume or define who they are. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that a successful triathlete is a happy triathlete--one who is satisfied with their coaching relationship and confident in their training and performance. Simplicity, consistency, and repetition helps build that confidence to get you onto the start line, and more importantly, to the finish you desire. We use a very organic approach to training, which helps each person discover their inner athlete. We also strongly believe in the concept of "TEAM" "Together Everyone Achieves More" which is why we strive to make each one of our athletes feel as though they are a part of our team. 

Why KIS Coaching?

Having a coach helps hold individuals accountable. Here at KIS Coaching, we bring personal interaction and concern into that accountability, giving each of our athletes the confidence that we believe in them and their abilities fully. We realize that nowadays you have a plethora of coaches to choose from, but when you choose one of our coaches at KIS Coaching, your dreams become ours.  You are not alone in chasing your goals and dreams in this great sport of triathlon.  We all pursue your dreams together!

Who Do We Support?

KIS Coaching donates a portion of its profits to Race2Rebuild and Team Red, White and Blue.  Scott and Sam have been big supporters of Race-2-Rebuild since its creation, just after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, which is where Scott grew up and Sam now lives.  Brad has been a big supporter of Team Red, White, and Blue since 2011 and served as their National Triathlon Director from 2013 - 2016.  Team RWB has a big impact in the Veteran community and Brad is proud to continue to support their efforts through his work with KIS Coaching and helping Veteran Athletes.

About Race2Rebuild

Race2Rebuild creates tangible change to our communities following natural disasters by supporting and participating in rebuilding projects and bringing families home. Founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Race2Rebuild’s national team of volunteer athletes raise critical private funds and provide hands-on home building to support projects across the country. Race2Rebuild serves as an important frontline advocate to its national rebuilding partners and an essential link to the families whose homes it helps to rebuild. We believe in safe, strong, healthy communities for all.

About Team Red, White, and Blue

Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.