Sam (Coach) Cardona

  • 12x Ironman Finisher

  • 25x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • 2x Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier

  • 3x ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championship Qualifier

  • Team USA AG Member

  • USAT All American 

  • Ironman All World Silver Athlete

  • 2016 A Race: Ironman 70.3 World Championships & ITU Long Course World Championships

  • 2016 Goals: Top 20 AG World Ranking

Originally from Puerto Rico. A lifelong athlete who started playing Baseball at an early age, then progressed to Freestyle & Greco Roman Wrestling. He was an All American Wrestler before transitioning to Triathlon. Sam has been competing in Triathlon over 8 years, and competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, European Championships in Frankfurt and US Championships IM NY.

Glen (The Assassin) Lee

  • 4x Ironman Finisher

  • 6x Ironman 70.3 Finisher 

  • PR: Ironman 70.3 = 5:49

  • 2016 A Races: Ironman Texas; Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3 , Ironman Atlantic City 70.3

2016 will be my 6th year of doing triathlons. I loved every moment of it so far and Im looking to make 2016 a memorable one with nine events planned so far. Looking forward to training with my teammates and meeting all the new third year Echelon teammates.

Naveen (Spicy/Picante) Wall

  • 5x Ironman 70.3 Finisher 

  • 3rd in AG finish at Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico 

  • Ironman All World Athlete

  • PR: Ironman 70.3 = 5:53

  • 2016 A Race: 70.3 Timberman-Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier

  • 2016 Goal: Run a decent half marathon off the bike!

From London, moved to NYC less than a year ago. Have been racing triathlons for 3 years, fell in love with 70.3's in Zell Austria.

Mark (Daddy) DeVera


  • 10x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • 8x Marathon Finisher

  • Placed Top 10 in several 70.3 and Olympic Distance Triathlons

  • 2016 A Race: Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City

  • 2016 Goal: Get rid of my dad bod!

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY now reside in Queens, NY. Started with Duathlons 12 years ago and made the switch to Triathlons 10 years ago. Currently jugggling training, work and fatherhood, not always in that order.

Krissie (The Flying Viking) Jenssen

  • 1x Sprint, 2x Olympic

  • 5x Half Marathon Finisher

  • 1st Place AG Win Mighty Montauk Olympic

  • 2016 Goal: Recover from injury and complete at least one olympic

Born & raised in Norway, spent 11 years in the U.K. before moving to NYC. Working for the United Nations. Did my first triathlons this year after a few years of running and 20 years of kickboxing.

Franz (Crush it) Hinojosa

  • Qualified for Team USA at the USAT draft legal sprint Triathlon in Clermont

  • ITU Worlds Cozumel, IM Panama 70.3, ITU Duathlon World Aviles

  • 2016 Goals: Sub 5 in 70.3 distance, BQ

Born and raised in Long Island, NY. Did my first triathlon in 2012 (sprint distance) and simply loved it.

Cedrick (2 Plates) Dujon

  • 14x Ironman finisher

  • 25x 70.3 finisher

  • 2nd Place Mens Physique Contest 

  • 3rd in Age Group South Jersey 

  • 2016 Race: Challenge Atlantic City 70.3

Originally from St Lucia, Cedrick is a natural athlete, keeping himself busy with soccer and weight training. He was inspired to train for triathlon by watching the Ironman World Championships on television. He jumped right in and did an Ironman.

Susie Milan-Louie

  • 2x Iroman 70.3 Finisher 

  • PR: 70.3 = 6:18 (relay)

  • 2016 A Race: 70.3 Timberman

  • 2016 Goal: Improve swim, bike and run with PR progression with every race!

New York-based operational risk manager who fell in love with the "bad-ass" reputation of triathletes. What started as a bucket list item is now an obsession. 2015 marks my maiden voyage in triathlon and my goal is to race every IM70.3 across the globe at least once. 140.6 races are in the near future.

Robbie (Dr. G) Grad

  • Olympic Finisher

  • 2016 A Races: Ironman 70.3 PR & Ironman 70.3 AC

  • 2016 Goal: Complete 2 Ironman 70.3 this season

When he isn't training for Triathlon he is studying Medicine at Hostra University.

Andrew (A Train) Eisen

  • 2x Ironman Finisher

  • 5x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • All American Lacrosse

  • 2016 A Races: American Zofigen 

  • 2016 Goal: Podium & qualify for Rio

Born in Rockaway Beach, NY, as a kid Andrew had always been an avid sportsman playing Lacrosse all the way through college. After getting involved with bike racing he discovered triathlon with his first Sprint in 2008. When Andrew isn't trainig he's working as a Physical Therapist at F2PT.

Jennifer Almonte

  • Olympic Distance Finisher

  • Sprint & Duathlon Finisher

  • 2016 A Races: Target Olympic

  • 2016 Goal: Start a Travel Company

Kyle Killian

  • IM Louisville (2015)

  • 2x Ironman 70.3

  • Several Olympic Distances & Half Marathons

True weekend warrior, looking to get back into the sport this year after some time off.

Michael Levesque

  • 1x Sprint Finisher

  • 1x Olympic Finisher

Rodrigo Tome

  • Brazilian age group champion

  • 9x Ironman

  • many times 70.3 Finisher with podiums

  • 1x 70.3 World Championship Finisher

  • 2x ITU World Championship age group finisher

Brazilian triathlete living the dream in California. He has a bachelor in Physical Education and now design and operate cycling, running and triathlon tours in USA and Europe through his company 7sherpas.

Luke O'Shea

  • 3 X Ironman Finisher

  • 7 X 70.3 Finisher

  • ITU World Championship Qualifier

  • 9 X Marathon Finisher

  • 2 X Ultra Marathon Finisher

After a 12 month break getting back into "racing", looking to mix it up in the 70.3 pointy end and taking the approach of racing as a conditioning tool so more races in 2017.

Michael Bergeron

  • 2X Iron Man finisher

  • 4X 70.3 finisher

  • 4X Olympic Distance triathlons

  • 45-49 age group winner Staten Island sprint triathlon

Mike finished his first sprint triathlon, Olympic distance, 70.3 and full iron man in 4 years respectively and is now hoping to get faster.

Susan Bos

  • 3x Olympic Distance Finisher

  • 9x Sprint Distance Finisher

  • 4 Top 10 AG Finishes

  • 3x Half Marathon Finisher

Triathlon is a personal and spiritual journey for me. It brings me peace, joy, and keeps my mental and physical well-being in check. Happy and blessed to be a part of KIS and apart of this amazing community of atheletes! Here's to my first 70.3s this year!

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Hector (Jajaja) Bustamente

  • 4x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • PR: 70.3 = 5:06 (IM Timbeman)

  • 2016 Goal: Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico & Ironman Tiberman 70.3

Originallly from Venezuela he came to the US to study Business. He then decided to change paths and is currently working on his Massage Therapist Certification. His hope is to help other athletes overcome injury and improve performance via massage therapy.

Peter (The Rock) Karoczkai

  • 15x Ironman

  • 21x 70.3 Finisher

  • 3x Ironman World Championship Finisher

  • Ironman All World Bronze Athlete

  • 21x Marathon Finisher

  • Over 150 Races Completed

  • 2016 Races: Ironman Barcelona & Ironman Mont Tremblant

Originally from Hungary. Peter swam across the Atlantic with a dollar in his pocket and a Bible between his teeth. He then went onto build a Data Service & Communications Company. When he isn't carrying his trusted black briefcase he is off training in the Hamptons or racing Ironmans somewhere around the world.

Liz (Lefty) Kim

  • 3x Olympic, 2x Sprint Finisher

  • Finished 1st in AG Bassman

  • 2016 A Race: Ironman Atantic City 70.3

  • 2016 Goal: Finish my first IM 70.3!

Was talked into doing my first NYC triathlon by a friend as a new years resolution in 2013. Been talking other friends into doing races ever since.

Louis (Mr. Clean) Mancuso

  • 2x Ironman Finisher

  • 6x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • Ironman 70.3 World Championships Qualifier

  • PR's: Full = 12:36, 70.3 = 5:31

  • 2016 A Race: Ironman 70.3 World Championships Australia IM 

  • 2016 Goal: Not embarass myself in Australia

Native New Yorker and live in Staten Island. Started running 5 years ago and got bored after 2 years, so I got into triathlons over the past few years. Loving the journey.

Lara (Super Snake) Duerrschmid

  • 2x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • 6x Marathon Finisher

  • IM 70.3 Word Championship Qualifier

  • Boston Marathon Qualifier

  • Ironman All World Silver Athlete

  • PR's: 70.3 = 5:14 (IM Timberman), Marathon = 3:24 (Berlin)

  • 2016 A Race: IM 70.3 World Championship Australia

  • 2016 Goal: Improve swim!

From Germany, discovered running & racing when I moved to NYC 6 years ago. I did my first triathlon in 2014 (NYC Tri) when I got bored of running loops in Central Park.

Alex (Monster) Wall

  • 2x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • Team GB AG Member

  • PR's: 70.3 = 4:40 (Challenge Pocono's), Sprint: 1:03 Sprint (ETU Antalya)

  • 2016 A Race: Ironman South Africa, Ironman Japan and Ironman Taiwan

  • 2016 Goal: Obviously defend my title in the Montauk Sprint!

Born in the US, raised in the UK, moved back home in 2015. Always been into cycling and when my best mate introduced the sport I became addicted (thank God my wife is into it as well). Favorite quote: "It'll be fine".

Mike (Gator) Patch

  • Ironman Finisher

  • 5x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

  • Qualified for IM 70.3 World Championship 

  • PR's: 70.3 = 5:27 (Challenge Poconos)

  • 2016 Goal: To challenge Alex for the Montauk Sprint title and to go sub 5hr in a 70.3

Born in Key West FL, raised in Jacksonville FL. Moved to NYC 2 years ago with 3 years of racing behind me. For the 2016 season I am looking to improve over all 3 disciplines with a focus on the run.

Bo-yun (Bo-iantor) Liu

  • 4x Ironman 70.3

  • 2016 Races Puerto Rico 70.3 & Quassay

  • 2016 Goal: Qualify for IM 70.3 Worlds

Born in the People's Republic of China, Bo grew up in the woods of Connecticut and the beaches of Southern California (USC Trojans for life!). After moving to NYC, Bo found triathlon having watched the NBC world championships and was inspired to compete. When he's not doing triathlon he's travelling and playing guitar.

Alicia (Dynamic Duck) Fiorino

  • 2x Olymic, 1x Sprint, Marathon Finisher

  • PR: 26.2 = 3:44 (NYC Marathon)

  • 2016 Goal: Recover from injury and complete a 70.3 !

Born & raised in Southern California, living in NYC for nearly 6 years. I was talked into doing my first triathlon (NYC Olympic) in 2013 to help prepare for my first marathon. I had a blast and became addicted. Kowabunga!

Tami (t - proud member of MT's) Zepnick-Holzhueter

  • 2.5x IM Finisher

  • 6x 70.3 IM Finisher

  • 70.3 Worlds Qualifier

  • Olympic National Championship Qualifier

  • Top 10 Finisher

  • Goals for 2016 - complete IMLP by running the entire marathon and with a smile on my face!

Orginally from Green Bay, WI but spent the last 25 years in Chicago, IL where I was introduced to triathlon by Endure it! As a kid, I swam competitively in high school, and as an adult was looking for something to fill the void - triathlon kept me sane.

Ben Munguia

  • Multiple USA Triathlon All American

  • 2015 Ironman Austin 70.3 – 1st AG, 6th overall amateur

  • 2013 Chicago Tri – 3rd elite amateur

Triathlon continues to show me that hard, and smart, work pays off. I've gone from struggling to swim the length of the pool, to leading the "fast" lane all because of drive and determination. I love that about this sport. I also love the community and friends I've met through triathlon.

Daniel DelReal

  • 2x 70.3 Finisher

  • 3x Olympic Tri

As a Northern California native i was naturally attracted to the cycling. I was introduced to Triathlons by a friend that completed an IM. After hearing his story I told myself I have to do that! 18 months later.... 2 IM70.3's a few Olympics and 2 scheduled IM70.3 set for 2017... the addiction begins.

Gregory Simon

Originally from Nebraska. Greg lived and worked in Japan for 15 years as an investment banker. He left banking in 2013 to travel the world with his wife, visiting 42 countries in 12 months together. He then went on to found a FinTech company. As CEO building the company he sacrificed his health, gaining 50 pounds in 3 years. He's now is committed to getting back into a healthy lifestyle. Under Sam's coaching, his first scheduled triathlon is the NYC Triathlon 7.16.17!

Team Mascot Conquistador (Conqui) Jessen

  • 2x NYC Marathon Spectator

  • Offical Team Mascot of EPT

  • 2016 Goals: Catch a squirrel

Conquistador aka Conqui was one of 7 pups. Even though he was the smallest of the litter he had a big heart and was loving from the start. Afer living in a few foster homes Conqui ended up staying with Krissie. When he isn't chasing balls or squirels he can be found cleaning himself or sleeping on the sofa. He enjoys playing with small children, peanut butter and will sit for snacks.

Rodrigo Tome

  • 9x Ironman

  • many times 70.3 Finisher with podiums

  • 1x 70.3 World Championship Finisher

  • 2x ITU World Championship age group finisher

  • Brazilian age group champion.

Brazilian triathlete living the dream in California. He has a bachelor in Physical Education and now design and operate cycling, running and triathlon tours in USA and Europe through his company 7sherpas.

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