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Keith Watson

Triathlon Coach


Keith is a self-proclaimed student of the sport. He has over 30 years of racing and coaching experience across multiple disciplines including Triathlon (All distances), XTERRA Triathlon, Cyclocross, Gravel and XC Mountain Biking.  He has had the opportunity to be coached and mentored by some of the best coaches in the sport today with the likes of Scott Defilippis, Brett Sutton, Mike Ricci, Grant Holicky, Rebekah Keat and Siri Lindley. His coaching philosophy has been shaped by the key principles he has learned from his experience working with all of them.


Keith is well versed at helping busy business professionals balance their careers and families with the training demands to achieve their athletic dreams and goals. He understands the stress and demands these 3 things place on a person both physically and mentally.  His philosophy is to ensure that training and racing fit into your life, not the other way around. 


He approaches sport and life with 3 “P’s” in mind:

  1. Patience… Rome was not built in a day, neither will you be. Chip chip chip away.

  2. Progression… Trust the process and strive to be a little better than you were yesterday.  

  3. Persistence… Something is better than nothing, especially when you don’t feel like doing anything. 


Keith also understands the needs of the aging athlete. As much as we want to think we can, we just can’t train in our 40’s like we did in our 30’s, or in our 50’s like we did in our 40’s, etc.  As we age, the physiological needs and demands on our bodies change and we need to take that into consideration when structuring our program. Add in the additional strains of family and career and you have a perfect recipe for illness and injury if you are not careful. Getting this wrong will leave you injured and burned out having you fall short of achieving your athletic goals and dreams. He has 2 motto’s for any athlete over the age of 40: 

  1. Get slower, slower than every one else and 

  2. Consistency always trumps intensity.


Keith gets to know you as a person so he can help you be the best you can be.  He does not limit interaction or contact. You have unlimited access to him as needed. He takes a personal investment in your success in both life and sport. If he does not think he can help you, he will tell you.  If you are interested in working with Keith, contact him to set up a call to see if there is a good fit. ​




  • 15X Ironman 140.6 Finisher

  • 5X Ironman 70.3 World’s Qualifier

  • XTERRA Maui Worlds Qualifier

  • 2nd Place - Colorado Cyclocross State Champion

  • Multiple time USAT All American Athlete

  • Multiple time Ironman AWA Gold Athlete

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