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Our History

Keep It Simple Coaching was founded in 2016 by Professional Triathletes Scott DeFilippis, Brad Williams, along with coach Sam Cardona, a well-accomplished age group triathlete.  The mission of Keep It Simple Coaching is to guide athletes, from beginner to professional, to achieve their personal goals in triathlon while living a balanced life.  This is achieved through our simple approach of building training plans around YOUR life and schedule. At KIS coaching, we stress to our athletes that love of the sport and having fun must come first! We guide our athletes with an understanding that the sport of triathlon can be a very healthy lifestyle, but should never consume or define who they are. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that a successful triathlete is a happy triathlete--one who is satisfied with their coaching relationship and confident in their training and performance. Simplicity, consistency, and repetition helps build that confidence to get you onto the start line, and more importantly, to the finish you desire. We use a very organic approach to training, which helps each person discover their inner athlete. We also strongly believe in the concept of "TEAM" "Together Everyone Achieves More" which is why we strive to make each one of our athletes feel as though they are a part of our team. 

Why KIS Coaching?

Having a coach helps hold individuals accountable. Here at KIS Coaching, we bring personal interaction and concern into that accountability, giving each of our athletes the confidence that we believe in them and their abilities fully. We realize that nowadays you have a plethora of coaches to choose from, but when you choose one of our coaches at KIS Coaching, your dreams become ours.  You are not alone in chasing your goals and dreams in this great sport of triathlon.  We all pursue your dreams together!



"I have been coached by Scott of KIS Coaching since they started and the improvements have continued to come year after year with 2021 being the year I qualified for both the IM and IM 70.3 World Championships.


During my time with KIS Coaching I have seen my passion for triathlon increase, I have become a better athlete both physically and mentally, and I have made many friends within the KIS Coaching family of athletes.


My goals in triathlon have always been ambitious and not necessarily aligned with my athletic background and ability, but what I lacked in ability I was always willing to try and make up for with hard work and focus. I knew I couldn't achieve it alone, I wanted my triathlon training to fit my life, my goals, and my desire to put all my effort into executing the plan rather than trying to create the plan. 


With KIS Coaching, I put my trust in my coach, the process, and their experience in knowing what pieces of the puzzle are needed and how they should fit together as part of the bigger picture. My goals became my coach's goals for our journey together."

Richard Kane

KIS Athlete since 2011

"As a busy commercial pilot constantly on the move, KIS Coaching & Coach Brad made the training scheduling a no brainer.  Hardest part of the plan was making sure I packed my swim googles and jammers on Hawaii layovers."

Eric Shontz

KIS Athlete since 2019

“Going into my first full distance IRONMAN, I have really enjoyed my experience with Brittany. She has allowed me to focus on executing and improving my performance without all the anxiety that comes with creating a training plan. She has taken my varying performance levels across the three disciplines and created a program that fits with my lifestyle and goals. I started out as an average swimmer, but Britt’s expertise and visual learning techniques contributed to my confidence and efficiency in the water. It has been easy to balance training and work because Britt makes it flexible, adapting to what works for me.”

Harry Picone

KIS Athlete since 2021

"Working with KIS Coaching and Brad Williams over the past five years is a foundational component to not only achieving my athletic goals but also establishing a healthier lifestyle. Brad does an excellent job at talking through goals for a season and communicating the best way to achieve those goals, while understand that life gets busy and adapting the plan as necessary. The guiding principle of KIS Coaching is keeping things simple – but that works! Brad and KIS helped steer me to successfully completing four half Ironman races, including the 2021 70.3 World Championships; a PR in the half marathon; and a PR in the marathon. I cannot recommend KIS Coaching and Brad Williams enough!"

Kyle Fredrickson

KIS Athlete since 2017



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